About us

We are a digital consulting firm with a core focus on revenue and a strong belief that Brand innovation comes not just by creating something transactional, but transformational. At Seeders, we not only position and market your brand with the right target audience but also help you drive revenue. We strongly believe that setting the foundation by studying market trends, sector dynamics and best practices is essential to harness the power of digital knowledge.
Based out of Gurgaon(Delhi NCR), we strike a balance between creative and technical with a focus on driving business value. A young team with industry experts, who place clients at the top of the pyramid.

What you get by Partnering with us ?

  • A partnership that will help you stay on top of your digital game united with a strong set of values.

  • A team that strives to continually evolve and innovate digital tools and delivering the right experience.

  • A transparent relationship, a long term opportunity to work with some of the most honest, talented, friendly people in the industry.

Our Values


Integrity is our core value. For us, it signifies honesty, trust & moral principles and it gives us the foundation for whatever we do.


We are here to stay and we understand the only way to stay relevant is by delivering value to our partners.


Being respected by others in our lives teaches us how to be respectful toward others. Irrespective of the age, views, seniority or origin it signifies wellbeing, safety and happiness.

Mission & Belief

We work with MSMEs and empower them with digital ecosystems so they’re totally prepared to thrive in this millennial era. We believe in digital and we are digital. Digital is the best and only way to grow and connect in today’s ever-changing world. Moreover, it’s transparent and easily measurable.